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Career Counseling Promotion

Career Counseling

Career Counseling

We are often at cross roads to take very important decisions to build a fast growth career. Most of the time we end up delaying the right decision for lack of information or insight into the way business and technology will change or are not sure of our competence and desire to take over the next role.

Professional Coach, Mentors and Counselors with many years of experience who have gone through similar situations and have interacted with hundreds of colleagues are in a better position to understand the situation and advise the best course of action.

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Arun Thakur,

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Core Competence Talent Acquisition Hiring

Core Competence – Talent Acqusition

Teamwork Add value to Individuals and Organizations by understanding their needs and providing them the right Business Solutions.

Open Positions

Company Profile

At Profile-Quest, we specialize in sourcing out such professionals who would not only contribute to the bottom line of the Company but would impact and enhance its intellectual worth as well. Our focused tapping of key personnel from the fields of Marketing, Sales, Services, Finance and IT business enables us to meet our client’s requirements with speed and quality.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Quality Recruitment, Talent Acquisition
  • HR Systems & Process Designs
  • Service Systems & Process Development
  • Customer Survey Design & Implementation
  • Executive, Leadership CEO Training/Coaching

Profile Quest forte lies in handling functional areas such as Sales, Marketing, HR, Recruitment, Finance, Legal, Service Operations, Secretarial etc. Over the last two years we have built up an excellent databank of senior professionals from the best of companies in the industry. We have been able to headhunt and place some key professionals in quite a few prestigious organizations.

Our concentration has been only on Middle and Senior level talent acquisition in functional areas. We believe that focused headhunting and excellent networking are the key to identifying the right candidates. Excellent communication skills , good PR and thorough follow up have contributed to our success at both ends – client as well as candidate. Since our candidates are sourced out through our own networking their credibility and suitability for the position in most cases are high.

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Compensation – Am I Underpaid??

After putting in hard work for years and going through many appraisal cycles you may want to know if you are getting fair compensation. Are you in top, middle or bottom percentile of folks with similar competence and experience.

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- Rs 500 ( for folks in India) or USD 10 to understand high paying jobs/roles to earn more

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