MediBand helps to manage prescription non-adherenece

Mediband helps to manage Prescription Non-adherence

MediBand Prescription Adherence

MediBand Prescription Adherence

50% of prescriptions dispensed are not taken correctly. 30% of hospital admissions above 65 age are due to prescription non-compliance or non-adherence

Critical Illness Patients in India: 50m and Worldwide: 150m, Patients with 65+ Age. Prescription non-adherence impact is upto USD 500 Billion. With high healthcare awareness target market is growing at 15%

High Risk Conditions – treatment adherence in Pregnancy Iron-Folic Acid supplementation, Asthma Maintenance Therapy, etc where non-adherence have high impact on health outcomes

Complex Drug Regimens – compliance ease for patients who are taking multiple pills everyday e.g. TB & HIV co-infection, Cancer Chemo-prophylaxis, Co-morbid diseases like Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, etc.)

Hospital Inpatients – Nurses using the MediBand to prevent medication errors and reduce work burden of manually writing drug charts.

Long Preventive Treatments – Assists Doctors in Dose optimization and Drug Selection based on adherence data insights in long term conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension and Obesity.

Our product MediBand will help patients in rural India to take right medicine at right time without remembering the prescription schedule. Product will warn if patient picks up wrong medicine. Also, patient is able to report positive and negative treatment progress. This will bring down the overall healthcare cost for poor people worldwide. It is a unique combination of low cost IoT, Mobile App technology and addresses the needs of patients and medical professionals.