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Predivtive Analytics

IOT Data Analytics & Insight

Customer Churn - Decision TreeIOT Data Analytics & Insight

Statistical Concepts

•  Descriptive and Inferential Statistics

•  Basic Statistics – Mean, Mode, Median, Standard Deviation

•  Classification, Rules of Association, Regression Analysis, Cluster Analysis

•  Algorithms – K-means, TwoStep, Kohonen Net, Apriori and GRI

•  Probability Theory


 R Programming

•  Introduction to R Programming – R Studio, Shiny

•  IOT Data Analytics & Insight

•  Project work:

o  Vehicle Analysis – IOT Sensors

o  American Football Analysis

o  Stock Market Analysis


Predictive Analytics using Data Mining Tool Rapid Miner

•  Operationalize Predictive Decisions

•  Advanced Analytics – Machine Learning, IOT

•  Project work:

o  Marketing Analytics to predict highest conversions

o  Customer Churn Prediction to design Retention

o  Predictive Maintenance for high uptime using IOT


IOT, Big Data Analytics and Insights

•  Real-time Big Data Analytics – Kafka, Spark, Hadoop

  • Smart Transportation – IOT, Beacon & Bluetooth Low Energy Mobile App

•  Manufacturing & Supply Chain Optimization

•  Root Cause Analysis

•  Key Analytics by major Verticals